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Manufacturing of Concrete Products and Precast Elements

Processes and Equipment

AutorKuch / Schwabe / Palzer
Daten 2010, 1. Auflage, 266 Seiten
Format16,5 x 23,5 cm, Hardcover

The flexible use of prefabricated concrete products requires a continuously increasing diversity with regard to fresh concrete mix designs and properties, moulding processes, surface finishes and finished product characteristics. This trend imposes ever-higher requirements on the manufacturers of the associated production equipment and on precast plants. In this regard, the main aim is to set up flexible production systems across all process steps. A holistic view of the existing interactions and interdependencies is the prerequisite to implement a quality-driven manufacturing process for concrete products and precast elements.

To date, these interactions have not been considered in a comprehensive manner in the relevant literature. This book closes the existing gap. It illustrates the fundamentals of the production process, materials, concrete mix and concrete testing, as well as the equipment used for concrete production. Dedicated chapters provide thorough descriptions of the manufacturing processes and equipment used to produce small-scale concrete products, concrete pipes and manholes, and precast elements. Drawing from their many years of experience and expertise gained in the field of precast technology and from their close ties to the industry, the main intent of the authors was to apply state-of-the-art testing and calculation methods from neighbouring disciplines to precast technology.

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