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Handbook on fly ash in concrete

Principles of production and use - print edition is out of print - only as ebook

AutorLutze, vom Berg
Daten 2010, 1. Auflage, 146 Seiten
Format16,5 x 23,5 cm, Hardcover

The print edition is out of print, but the work can still be obtained as an ebook, e.g. via: / / /

When used as an addition and binder component, fly ash has become an indispensable construction material for many concrete applications. The conditions produced in power stations when firing fine pulverized coal result in the formation of a reactive, flour-fine, pozzolanic mineral material from the accompanying rock in the coal. Owing to its specific characteristics it has a positive impact on the properties of fresh and hardened concrete and facilitates cost-effective production of high-grade, durable concretes.The authors of this handbook have combined the latest discoveries from the field of research with practical experience of the use and effects of fly ash in concrete. This handbook provides the necessary information and makes interesting suggestions for selective use of fly ash in concrete.

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