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Concrete testing compact

The 30 most important European (EN) tests: cement, aggregate, mortar, concrete

AutorZimmer / Reuter
Daten 2017, 1. Auflage, 193 Seiten
Format21 x 29,7 cm, Hardcover

The book contains instructions on how to carry out the 30 most important standardized and non-standardized building material tests. They are subdivided into cement tests, aggregates tests, fresh concrete tests, hardened concrete tests and on-site evaluations. The book is aimed at students, vocational school students, apprentices in industry and trade as well as building material testers who need reliable information on frequently used but also less frequently used test methods.

The test procedures are presented and explained in the form of a proven checklist - subdivided into the goals of the test, the required equipment and aids, the material to be provided, the work steps, the frequent sources of error, the accident hazards and the minimum information in the test report. Everything is explained with numerous colour illustrations. The execution of all prescribed work steps ensures that the chronological test sequences are adhered to and that the results are reproducible. Some tests are presented in simplified form in order to make the sometimes very complex procedures comprehensible and transparent.

Observing the information on potential sources of error makes it possible to exclude errors from the outset.
For each test procedure, a completed form of a test report with all the necessary information is reproduced in the book, which is intended as an example for the reader and can be adapted by him to his requirements if necessary.

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